You tube is the largest and most popular online video based networking methods which allows people to share video information with a worldwide audience. Globalization of business marketing has been made possible because of the platform offered by You Tube website where easy sharing of videos can be done with large number of audience. Also, the You Tube helps the customers too in making informed choices about product purchasing because customers can differentiate between good products and `not so good products’ by looking at the You Tube popularity of those products.

But the You Tube videos views can’t be trusted blindly because many companies now resort to pay third party companies for increasing their number of views. People view these You Tube videos many a times because they get paid for doing so. If you search the internet then you would find many online companies that sell You Tube views to various business organizations in exchange of hefty sums of money. Companies don’t mind spending hundreds of dollars for buying You Tube videos for their preferred video links. This is done due to many reasons. Here are some of the factors that are make people buy `You Tube’ views unjustly.
The advertising and marketing would be more effective

Businesses look forward to You Tube based product marketing because the visual advertisements create more impact on the customers. But if you are a small business then people might not pay much attention to the products that you try to market through You Tube. So, you can create a `fake popularity’ for your You Tube videos by paying for views. This way you would give a good boost to your business advertising. You promotional activity would become more impactful if you would have a certain number of You Tube video views to start with.
The creation of `Brand Power’ would become easier

New businesses and small businesses can use the methods of buying You Tube videos to create waves in the consumer market by displaying a `made up’ popularity. People would think that a new brand is emerging in the market. The curiosity about various products available from your brands would increase. Creation of brand power would be very easy if you start buying You Tube views from trusted sources as the quality of You Tube views also makes a difference in the marketing quality. If you would have hundreds of purchased You Tube views then genuine viewers would definitely consider devoting their time to view the video content that you have to offer.

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